About Dr. John Lieurance

Dr. John Lieurance, is a Naturopathic & Chiropractic Physician who has been in private practice in Sarasota for 25 years. He works at Advanced Rejuvenation, a multi-disciplinary clinic, with a focus on Regenertive Medicine, Functional Neurology, Functional Medicine & Stem Cell Research. He has spent most of his career focused on finding solutions for Parkinsons, Alzeimers, Autoiiummune Disease, Chronic Lyme, and CIRS from Mold Illness.

Dr J 12 bestFor the last 20 years, Dr. John Lieurance has been utilizing Glutathione therapy in his clinic since his first introduction to the use of Glutathione and his own miracle. Dr. Lieurance had asthma as a child and always had a weakness in his lungs from a young age. Upper respiratory infections would always be a serious issue for him. He developed a serious infection and decided to go in a more natural direction and began experimenting with various nutrients mixed with high potency Glutathione. The results where nothing short of a miracle. Dr. Lieurance was able to not only stop his infection within 24 hours, but was able to reproduce this result with hundreds of his patients. Thus the antimicrobial line of products. Dr Lieurance then began formulating some stronger products to treat Parkinsons and other chronic diseases through nebulizing, nasal sprays and suppositories.  

Dr. Lieurance’s mission was to learn as much as he could about the science behind various uses of Glutathione and studied with doctors from medical, naturopathic, osteopathic and chiropractic professions. He knew if he could have a deeper understanding of the function of Glutathione and better ways for absorption and delivery he could have better clinical outcomes. That brought him to develop the GlutaGenisis line of products. These products are made cold, shipped cold and you should store them cold. This along with the high potency, pharmaceutically grade ingredients have the ability to drastically increase cellular Glutathione levels in your brain and body.


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