Understanding Menieres Disease and Glutathione Connection.

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Menieres disease: an inner ear disorder affecting hearing and balance. Characteristics of Menieres Disease include episodes of dizziness or vertigo, tinnitus (noises, ringing, roaring or whooshing sounds heard in one or both ears), and progressive hearing loss, in one or both ears. There is also a sensation of fullness or pressure that cannot be cleared [...]

Is There a Cure for Poor Balance and Menieres Disease?

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Well, it is probably a bit premature to say cure for Balance Problems or Menieres Disease. However there is some compelling science on how it can be treated. It all comes back to the master antioxidant... Glutathione. Here is the first scientific study abstract. 1: Int Tinnitus J. 2003;9(2):104-8.Links The role of free radicals and [...]

Her Neurologist was shocked when she used GlutaGenesis nebulize for balance problems

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STUDIES SHOW: Treatment using radical scavengers such as Glutathione has the potential to become an effective new therapy for Balance Problems and/or Meniers Disease! Studies have demonstrated that glutathione is not well absorbed in the gut. The best way to get glutathione is by taking it in either suppository (GlutaMax 500mg) or nebulize formula's (GlutaGeneisis). [...]