STUDIES SHOW: Treatment using radical scavengers such as Glutathione has the potential to become an effective new therapy for Balance Problems and/or Meniers Disease!

Studies have demonstrated that glutathione is not well absorbed in the gut.

The best way to get glutathione is by taking it in either suppository (GlutaMax 500mg) or nebulize formula’s (GlutaGeneisis).  IV is a also a good route but it’s expensive and you won’t get as constant of levels as you might if you could dose Glutathione every day. GlutaMax is the preferred route as it will give you the slow release over 6-7 hours while you sleep. Besides improving sleep it can improve oxygen levels, improve immune functions, improve detoxification, and decrease inflammation in the body and brain and inner ears. Also consider the cerebellum which is the area of the brain involved with balance and coordination is most sensitive to toxins and low oxygen levels. Using Glutathione in GlutaGenesis, GlutaQuick or GlutaMax can improve Glutathione levels in the cerebellum which will improve balance and coordination.

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