AR Package One

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Our most popular package due to the long peak plasma release form the suppository while you sleep. Advanced Rejuvenation’s Regenerative supplement packages provide key nutrition and anti oxidants for accelerated tissue growth after prolotherapy and or stem cell treatments. This package includes:

  • GlutaMax 500
  • Fish Collagen – Connective Tissue and Cartilage Support
  • Advanced Ligament and Cartilage Formula™
  • Deer Antler Velvet Extract Sub-L Tropin 450

Add two more GlutaMax 500 and get an additional 10% off those two GlutaMax 500!

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GlutaMax 500

500mg Glutathione Suppositories are sold as a one-month supply. You can only raise glutathione at the cellular level by IV injection, inhalation of nebulized liquid Glutathione, or by using these suppositories.  Oral Glutathione is a waste of time since it digests in your stomach before it can ever reach the blood stream.  These are the highest quality, highest potency glutathione suppositories available.  You may find a similar product online but check the dosage.  Those others are 250mg, and NOT REFRIGERATED.  They have already lost any potency they may have had.  Ours are a full 500mg each and are shipped cold to maintain full potency!!

Advanced Ligament and Cartilage Formula™

Advanced Ligament & Cartilage Support Formula™ gives joints nutritional support for repair, lubrication, free movement, and healthy function. Joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and synovial fluid (for joint lubrication) undergo a continuous but slow turnover and remodeling process. This is affected by many physiological factors such as diet, supplements, activity, stress, gut health, allergies, immune status, infections, aging, hormones, toxic load and/or various medications.

Fish Collagen – Connective Tissue and Cartilage Support

Norland Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen is manufactured from collagen which is the principal protein found in skin and bones. Animal collagen is typically extracted from bovine or porcine skin while our fish collagen is produced from the skin of deep water, ocean fish such as cod, haddock and pollock. Since the hydrolyzed (hydrolysed) collagen is manufactured from the skins of kosher fish, it is able to meet strict kosher standards.

Deer Antler Velvet Extract Sub-L Tropin 450

Dynamic natural ingredients regulate and restart the body’s natural sex hormone production. Natural extracts also assist in raising glutathione levels, regulate or improve immune response, repair DNA and promote enhanced protein absorption. This is a great alternative to those who are candidates for HGH anti-aging therapies, more specifically those who require the added hormone support of HCG or testosterone during their HGH therapy