OUR MOST POWERFUL PRODUCT! Nebulizing can offer a fast and easy way to bring nutrients into the blood stream. It takes 5 minutes to breathe one dose. This product is targeting to brain function and can be used to raise glutathione levels in the brain and body quickly. Dr. John uses this product with many of his neurologic cases such as Migraine, Parkinson’s, MS, Balance and TBI to improve the metabolic capacity of their brain to perform tasks that he uses to create neuroplasticity.

Treatments can be as much as $40 each in some clinic’s and each bottle provides about 20-30 doses which would be a $1,200 retail value in a 35ml multi dose bottle. 

  • Contains 35 ml of GlutaGenesis solution.
  • Carefully Selected ingredients that have a regulatory effect on the nervous system, brain function, and oxygenation of the body.
  • Contains High Potency L-Glutathione exclusively available from GlutaGenics!
  • Contains N-acetylcysteine (NAC) exclusively available from GlutaGenics!
  • Contains Mannitol and Inositol exclusively available from GlutaGenics!
  • High Potency Organic Wild Crafted Herbal Extract of Rosemary for increased cognitive capacity.

If you are working with a health care provider that has prescribed nebulizing this product then this “nasal spray” can be used in a nebulizer. Should be kept refrigerated to maintain full potency.

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