Mabis MiniComp Nebulizer + Nebulizer Tote Bag

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Great for any person who needs a nebulizer for Glutathione.



Mabis MiniComp Nebulizer + Nebulizer Tote Bag (Nebulizer Model 40-126-000) Mabis DMI Healthcare is a leading provider of home asthma/ COPD nebulizers.  These portable nebulizers are designed for those with asthma, COPD (emphysema or chronic bronchitis).  The MiniComp nebulizer compressor is Mabis Healthcare’s newest model.  It delivers effective, efficient medication therapy with clinical accuracy.  The compressor’s piston pump is built for quality and durability for years of reliable treatments.  Designed for adults or children this delivers inhaled medications which are prescribed by your physician along with Glutathione.  Please realize that we do not bill insurance companies for nebulizer machines.



Comes with a complete nebulizer kit, including medication cup, 7’ tubing and angled mouthpiece for an attractive yet compact design.  It is lightweight at just over 3 pounds.  This has a built-in carrying handle with an easy one-button operation making it easy for any child or adult.  Non-slip pads ensure that the compressor will rest securely on any flat surface and includes a carrying case.  It also includes 5 extra filters and a detailed instruction book in English or Spanish with a 5 year warranty.  This is a great nebulizer with everything you need to use daily.


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